CENG 111 Fundamentals of Computer Engineering
Course Syllabus
Course Description
This is an introductory course to Computer Engineering that provides a brief insight into computer, then goes on to providing basic elements of C programming language.
Course Objectives
 To introduce;
1)            The steps in the development of a computer program
2)            Input and output concepts as they apply to C programs
3)            Logical and comparative operators
4)            Selection Statements
5)            Basic loop concepts
6)            Function basics
Lerning Outcomes
Students are expected to
1) develop algorithms through the process of top-down, stepwise refinement.
2) create basic computer programs in C
3) manage errors in programs by using the debugger.
Course Outline
·         Introduction to Computers: Main parts of a computer, CPU, RAM, I/O Devices, ALU, Binary Numbers
·         Structure of a C program
·         Variable declarations, Assignment statements
·         Mathematical expressions/operators
·         Logical expressions/operators, Priorities of Operators
·         Selection Statements
·         Looping Statements
·         Functions
Deitel and Deitel, C How to Program (7th Edition), Prentice-Hall, Inc.,  0-13-1240416-8
J. R. Hanly and E. B. Koffman,Problem Solving and Program Design in C (7th Edition) Addison-Wesley 0-321-46464-8
  • Midterm       30%
  • Final            35%
  • Lab work Quiz and HWs   35%